5 Lighting SettingsThis case including 5 Lighting Settings, you can choose the best mode according to your actual needs.

Create Perfect Selfies with improved brightness 
Contrast before and after taking pictures.

Corners Protection:The new soft rubberized edges with cushioned protective corners allow for easy removal of the phone from the case as well as superior drop protection.

The Perfect Selfie Phone Case For iPhone 6 6s 7 8 Plus X iPhone 5 5s SE

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  • Precision Tip: removes even the smallest hairs

  • Pain Free! : use it like an eraser

  • Built in LED light for added visibility

  • Discreet and portable: use it anytime and anywhere!



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    Color:Rose Gold

    Warning!!!: This case is ONLY for the Apple iPhone 7 / 8 Plus(5.5inch), not for iPhone 7 / 8 (4.7inch) , and also not for any other phones. Please check your phone carefully to avoid buying mistakes.

    • SELFIE LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING -  This iPhone case offers studio-quality front facing lights for creating all types of images. The warm, natural LED lights allow you to create the pictures and videos you will feel good about - you, in the best possible light. It has LED Lighting that has over 90% brighter light than the phone's flash. The rechargeable battery 1-2 hours charging time guarantees 5-6 hours working time. Enjoy your sefle time with excellent endurance ability.

    • PICTURE PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION - Find the right light in any situation. This phone case lights up a user's face with the simple push of a button. When the case is put in action, the light fills in the shadows, enhancing the photo and making the subject bright, beautiful and 'picture perfect'.

    • BUMPER CASE PROTECTION: Safeguard your iPhone from everyday wear-and-tear with this case. This hard case has protective corners which cushion the device and soft rails for easy removal.

    • MULTIPLE COLORS -  Offers a sleek look and comfortable feel. The outer shell comes in either a soft matte or a smooth glossy finish.
    • IPHONE COMPATIBLE: iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6s / iPhone 6




      Click once to Open/Close.
      2. Long press the button to adjust and control the light intensity.
      3. Double click the button to enter the flash mode;Double click again the button to enter the SOS flash mode;Double click again the button to enter the LED flash mode.
      (This case including 5 Lighting Settings, you can choose the best mode according to your actual needs.)

      NEW DESIGN - Luminous iPhone 7 / 8 Plus case 
      *This iPhone 7 / 8 Plus Selife Light case is designed with slim, lightweight and stylish, easy to put it to your pockets as before. This case made with high-quality materials, and is impact resistant, it is perfectly protect your precious iPhone 7 / 8 Plus from scratches, drop or bumps.
      *This case doesn’t use the battery of your iPhone 7 / 8 Plus, as it has its own built in rechargeable battery, and 1-2 hours charging time guarantees 5-6 hours working time. With dimmer control and adjustable lighting, you can have the perfect light for your surroundings faster and easier than ever.

      1x Selfie case
      1x Micro USB charging cable


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this is great! prevents dog from sliding off the seat. Easy to install, New Car, New seat protector.

Worked well with 2 large dog very sturdy and easy to use



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